Thursday, September 22, 2005

My First Post - Bits of This & That

The first day of Fall...The Autumn Equinox...Mabon...

A time for new Beginnings. Today, the day and night are the same length. Equalizing. Like the yin and yang of our lives. It reminds me to slow down and take stock of the things in my life: Family, writing, and the inner-self.

But enough about that. Who wants to take stock now? Instead, I thought I'd add a recent story about one of my grandkids (aka the kidlets), since we spend so much time together.

Last week, Gavin (he's 16 months old) got his pinky finger slammed in the hinge side of a door. A real OUCHY! And it involved a trip to the emergency room. His mom and dad were an hour away at the State Fair, so off we went. Poor baby nearly lost the tip of his finger, but, hopefully, all is now well. As you can see, it's well wrapped, but it doesn't stop him from doing anything. Besides the huge slice to the tip of his finger, the tip of the bone is fractured. After having 4 girls, life with a little boy is going to be...interesting.

Right now, my thoughts are on those in the path of Rita, and I'm praying that all stay safe. After Katrina, we are all now aware of just how destructive Mother Nature can be. With over two full months left of hurricane season, there's so much chance for more devastation. For those affected by the storms, stay safe.

If you haven't visited my website, I've done some redecorating and have a fresh, new look. Stop in when you have a chance.

Until later...

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Bronwyn Jameson said...

Owwie. Poor little guy. I sure hope his finger mends quickly and that he's soon got a big smile on his face!