Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Catching Up, Part 1 - Post Halloween

Time sure can get away when a person is busy! Halloween has been over for more than 2 weeks, and we've made it through the first of our family's weddings. (Catching Up, Part 2 to come.) My 3 grandkids (kidlets, as I call them) enjoyed their candy-filled holiday, although little Gavin was pretty tuckered out long before the trick-or-treating was over for the other two. I've included a photo of them, all dressed up in their costumes. Scarlett, who is almost 4, was a cat. For the second year in a row. Is it obvious that she likes cats? Alex, who was less than a week from her third birthday, was a princess. Cinderella, to be exact, but she didn't get the movie on DVD until her birthday, so "Princess" was good enough for her. Gavin was a pint-sized vampire--sans the fangs--and looked quite stunning in his little "Count" suit. I'm sure there's still candy left. Both moms and dads were smart and tucked it away and are still handing it out to the little ones, a little at a time. They're all already planning costumes for next year!

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