Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Flag Day

I'm sure the majority of people don't know what day Flag Day falls on, and some may not even realize there is such a thing, but because I share my birthday with the flag, I remember it every year. I'll admit that, as I get older, I'd often like to forget about it. Once past that 40 mark (and that has been a while ago for me), birthdays are just another reminder that life isn't the carefree days of fun it was when we were kids, and responsibility is the key word.

Kristi Gold shared her memories of summer on her website, so I'll take a page from her book, so to speak, and share a memory of birthday and flags.

When I was about 7 or 8, I was hoping for a wading pool for my birthday. It was a quiet day, that particular June 14, and as our the custom, a flag was hanging near our porch, celebrating the holiday and our great country. I was standing just inside the doorway, watching the red, white, and blue wave in the summer breeze and wondering what glories the day would bring me. Hey, at that age, it's definitely all about ME, right? A big truck pulled up, with SEARS on the side. Oh, that had to be something for me! Sure enough, it was my wading pool, and it was a doozy! Rectangular in shape, it had triangle shaped metal seats in the four corners. It lasted through neighbor kids and me for several years, but what has lasted more is watching that flag, even though I wasn't aware of the true meaning of it and what it stood for.

So enjoy this little holiday! I sure intend to. *grin*


Brandi said...

Happy Brithday Rox. Hope you had a great day. Enjoyed your memory, brought back some summer ones of my own.

Roxann Delaney said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes, Brandi! Aren't those old memories wonderful?