Sunday, July 16, 2006

Meet BJ

Earlier, I'd written about and included a photo of Jules, the new half-Lab puppy in the family. Jules is full of vim and vinegar and tends to be a little over-energetic with the two small humans she lives with, so I suggested to my daughter that a playmate of her own kind might help. In the past, our family dogs mainly consisted of Basset Hounds and Chow-Chows, and my daughters are especially fond of both breeds. After a quick search on the Internet, I found an adorable Basset puppy for sale about a two hour drive away, and off my daughter and her hubby and his mother went to adopt it.

Meet BJ. She is adorable, and both she and Jules are enjoying each other to the fullest. They're very close to the same age, so in spite of Jules being the taller of the two, they can both hold their own while playing with each other.

Now my youngest daughter is crying for a Basset of her own, but, alas, we aren't allowed to have pets where we live. Maybe someday, I tell her. In the meantime, we get to enjoy both BJ and Jules, without the responsibility of ownership. I kinda like that.

By the way, BJ IS smiling.


brandi said...

BJ is adorable. I have found it helps to have two close to the same age that way they can keep each other busy.

I enjoyed your story about the 4th you spent in Mexico.

Roxann Delaney said...

Jules has a habit of nipping the small fry when playing, and all 3 grandkids were covered with scratches from her jumping on them. It was get rid of Jules or find a way to stop her exuberance. They all seem very happy with the new family dynamics.

I wish I could find my slides from Mexico, and I would share them. Maybe soon... It was a wonderful experience and a wonderful group to share it with. 18 girls and 3 guys. LOL