Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'Tis the Season

In spite of the weather many of us are experiencing, I hope this holiday season is proving to be a joyous one for all.

My many friends in Oklahoma experienced an ice storm this week. I know what that's like. In January of '05, we experienced the same thing here. We spent a full week without power and with streets and highways that were beyond challenging. My daughter and her family insisted we come stay with her. Seven days of ten of us sharing their two-bedroom apartment was...interesting. But she had power and HEAT, and we didn't. I'm not sure who was more relieved when our power returned, my daughter and her family or us. But power does get restored and ice does melt. Life does return to whatever normal is, so hang in there, friends!

My upcoming January Harlequin American includes a snowstorm that brings the hero (Nick) and heroine (Becca) closer together. It was also a turning point for the heroine and brought a major change to the way she looked at their relationship.

I loved writing about Nick's family and Becca's three children in Family by Design, and I'm so very pleased that Whitney Kate Sullivan at Romantic Times enjoyed them and the book. Her review is
here, so if you're curious, take look.

And I've added an
excerpt of the book, so if the season is getting frantic and you need to stop and take a deep breath for a few minutes peace, relax with a glimpse of the story. I hope you enjoy it AND this holiday season!

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