Friday, June 13, 2008

Time Flies

Yesterday, a very good friend reminded me that there hadn't been anything new on my blog since December. I had no real excuse, except that life gets in the way, and I often forget to do things that should be done, instead of focusing on the things that must be done. Blogging is a "should". Paying bills, fixing meals, taking care of grandkids, and writing, writing, writing, are all "musts" that can't be ignored.

So here I am, almost six months later, giving yet another excuse for not posting that's neither good nor acceptable, but it's all I've got.

So what's happened in that almost six months? The usual. :) Christmas came and went. My daughters have had probably more happen in their lives, but even those things affect me in one way or another. Lyndsay and her family returned to their home after fire destroyed part of it in October. Sabrina's husband left for and returned from a 4-month deployment in the Middle East (Qatar) with the Air Force. Chelsea's work schedule changed from "normal" to second shift, and she actually likes it! And Mallory has discovered that being 18 isn't all that different than 17.

I had the pleasure of receiving a 2-book contract with Harlequin American Romance in March, and found myself writing, not only at night, but during the day, while transporting both granddaughters to and from school. At least that last part is on hold, now that it's summer.

Spring also brought us all closer together when my mother passed away in April. If not for my daughters and their families, it would have been a much more trying time. But I'm comforted in knowing my mom, a wholly independent person for most of her life, always involved in many organizations, is much happier now than being confined to nursing home life because of her health. She's at peace, and so am I.

My plans for the summer? We're already 3 weeks into it, and I don't have any, except to finish the second book, TAMING KATE (w.t.) and hope my editor likes the first, TANNER'S PRIZE (w.t.), and simply to enjoy each day with my 4 grandkids to the fullest. By the way, there are new pictures of all of them (and my step-granddaughter) on my
photos page. They've grown!

For those of you who have had weather that's kept you on your toes, keep your eye to the sky and stay safe. We've had our share of bad weather, flooding, and tornadoes here in Kansas over the past few weeks, and I know others have had the same. Hugs to my friend, writer Patricia Davids, on the devastation of her hometown during a tornado two nights ago.

Enjoy your summer, everyone!

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, I'll be back!

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