Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moviies, TV, Politics, Halloween, and More

It's a busy time for a lot of people. Halloween is tomorrow and the big day that occurs every four years is just around the corner. Add the everyday stuff--colds and flu, plotting and writing, taking and picking up grandkids at school--and life is, as usual, crazy.

My youngest daughter will be going into the voting booth (do they still have booths?) this year for the first time. She's nineteen and couldn't care less about politics. So much so that when the rest of us talk politics--and believe me, we do talk politics...a lot--she rolls her eyes, sighs, and leaves the room. What can I say? We're a political family. She'll learn. How could she not? This year she will vote. Count on it. When someone asks her who she'll be voting for, she simply answers she'll vote for whomever Mom tells her to. It may take time, but she'll learn.

I voted in my first election in 1972, complete with a little mad-on that eighteen-year-olds were getting to vote and I'd had to wait until I was 21. (Yes, I'm over the age of a few years. Do the math.) To be honest, I can't list who I voted for in all the "biggies", because I don't remember. I've been registered as both a Republican and a Democrat--at different times, of course. I didn't pay a lot of attention. To be honest, I didn't know there was a difference between the two parties, except they ran different people. A few years ago that changed. I pay attention now. There is a difference. It does make a difference to each of us, in one way or another.

I hope anyone reading this exercises their right to vote. My mother always told me that if you don't vote, you don't get to complain. Whether she was right or wrong about that, it doesn't matter. I believe it. So go out and vote on Tuesday!! And, no, I won't say who I'll be voting for. :)

Speaking of politics, my next to youngest daughter (she's twenty-four) and her guy took me to see Oliver Stone's W. last week. I was disappointed. Not in the acting. Josh Brolin did a great job as "Dubya", as did Richard Dreyfus as Dick Cheney, who looked like Cheney but sounded like Richard Dreyfus, and Scott Glenn as Rumsfeld. In fact, everyone in it did a terrific job. The problem with the movie for me was that it didn't have the punch that Stone's other movies have had. Renting it might have been the best option. I'll probably get it on DVD. It's a bit of history not to be forgotten.

Ah, television. How did people manage without it? It makes us laugh. It makes us cry. It puts us to sleep. I'm not one to go out and buy seasons of TV shoes on DVD. Okay, I do have the very first season of SNL. My youngest has the entire collection of every season of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (which I wish I had time to watch, from beginning to end, but 7 seasons of it?? Have I mentioned that I adore Giles?), and I "bought" the first season of Mork and Mindy with Pepsi points on Amazon, so it was free. I love comparing that Robin Williams to the Robin Williams of today. Wow.

Add a new one to the list: The first season of Criminal Minds. I very rarely miss an episode, although I did last week because I was at the movie theater seeing W., and watching both at the same time just wasn't going to happen. Nor was I going to pass up seeing a movie for free! (Okay, I'd pass up A Clockwork Orange at any time.) When it comes to Criminal Minds, I'm hooked. I was hooked from the first show. I love Mandy Patinkin and have since I saw him in Yentl with Barbra Streisand. But it didn't take me long to become addicted to the others in the series. Who to start with? Hotch? JJ? Derek Morgan? Reid? (Penelope) Garcia? Prentiss? And even Joe Montegna as Rossi has grown on me. For me, Criminal Minds is one of the very best on TV right now. Although I've enjoyed CSI (the original) and all three Law & Orders, CM beats them, hands down. It took me over a week of watching the 6 DVDs in the evenings and late into the night (like tonight) to see all twenty-two episodes of the first season, but it was worth it, and will be worth it again to watch them over and over. I don't think I could ever tire of watching the intricacies of the human mind, whether the criminal mind or that of the captors. It's fascinating. It's thought provoking. It's the only show this season that I can remember to watch. Am I a fan? I'll leave that up to you. :)
With luck, I'll be back again tomorrow. And Monday. And throughout the week. But I learned long ago not to make promises I might not be able to keep. Life sometimes does get in the way.

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