Thursday, November 5, 2009

Confessions of a Night Owl

Yes, I'm a night owl and have been since the beginning. The story goes that during the first 7 weeks of my life, before I was adopted, the nuns at the hospital would put all the other babies to bed, then save me for last so I could play before I was put to bed for the night. After I was adopted, my dad worked second shift, and I was kept up late so he'd have a chance to spend time with me. It wasn't my fault!

I also don't wake up in the morning well. It takes at least an hour for my brain to kick in. Amount of caffeine intake doesn't apply. I'm just a slow starter. I was up late last night working on revisions, so this morning when my daughter dropped off her three kids, I was asleep. If the g-kids had asked me for a beer in that first 30 minutes, I'd have given it to them. Not that I could find a beer in my fridge, but you get the picture. An hour later, when I drove the two oldest to school, I was just gaining true consciousness. Full, raging consciousness kicked in almost immediately. Three drivers cut me off by turning left into the drive-thru in front of the school, keeping me from turning right, and then they ended up blocking the crosswalk and half the street.

I'm working on a new web design...for me! I'm still not sure I love it, so we'll see if it makes it to the point of being "live." Not that there's a lot of time to do it. Revisions notes on The Lawman's Little Surprise (July 2010) arrived, so I'm in the midst of tackling them--at night.

Two days until Wicked! Yes, I'm going to see the touring Broadway production of the musical, currently in our fair city. I'm excited! Saturday night can't come too soon. (And note that it's night, so I'll be fully awake.) No, I haven't read the book. I've read only one book since summer, and that was Linda Wisdom's 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, the first in her Hex series. It was great! Love the characters! Winning a copy of the newest in the series, Hex in High Heels, was a delightful surprise! Thank you Linda, and thanks, too, to Cindy Procter-King for hosting Linda on her blog.

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