Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Moving at Warp Speed

In spite of my good intentions, my last post was three weeks ago. My excuse? The release date of the fourth of my books set in Desperation, OK--The Reluctant Wrangler--was moved up from January next year to October of this year. The book was written and in the hands of my editor, but there were changes that needed to be made, in addition to getting the information for the cover, new title suggestions and other small but important details to her. Now that all of that is done, I have a couple of days of breathing space. Not much, because copy edits are here and are due back in a few days.

The cover for The Reluctant Wrangler will probably be available about the time The Lawman's Little Surprise (Trish and Morgan's story, if you've been following the series) hits bookshelves in July. The Desperation books, dubbed by me as Hearts of Desperation, have been a joy to write. Will The Reluctant Wrangler be the last? I hope not! But there's no word on others, as yet. When I know, you'll know!

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It's back to work time...those copy edits await. As soon as my energy level gets back up to normal, I'll post more! Until then, enjoy spring!

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