Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Green, Green, It's Green They Say

Okay, it's part of an old, old song, but it popped into my mind as I drove down our street on an errand run and saw all the green grass in the yards. The Bradford Pear trees that have been blooming for the past couple of weeks are now half and half--half white flowers, half green leaves. It's as if the world is waking up all at once. Too bad that also includes the dandelions. There was way too much yellow in the green yards already. The greening of spring is one of the good things about the season.

Add the weather to the spring list, except it's more on the maybe good and maybe bad list. A week ago, we set new records with 80 degree temps that changed to 40 degrees the next day. Then a warming trend, of course, which again went south. And by south, I don't mean the direction. I mean the temps. The temp is slowly climbing into the 70s again, but with spring, it's a toss up as to how to dress in the morning, and usually means a change by midday.

And then there are the storms. My heart goes out to those in the southeast part of the country who dealt with tornadoes early this week. Having grown up keeping an eye to the sky and a clear path to the basement, I know the devastation they wreak. L. Frank Baum knew what he was doing when he chose Kansas for the setting of the beginning of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. But it seems the big baddies are spreading their badness around more. I think Tornado Alley has grown over the years and encompasses an even broader area than it did back then.

With the violent weather getting in full swing this spring, let's hope it's only the grass that's getting green, and not the sky. Be careful out there. And that means everyone!

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