Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is It Safe?

Some days it isn't safe to come out.  I hope today isn't one of them, but lately they all have been.

Serioiusly, life sometimes throws a wrench into the works.  Just when we think we're beginning to get it all together, something happens to bring everything to a halt.  It happens to everyone.

So what should we do when that curve ball from life has hit us between the eyes and may have even knocked us out for a while?

Maybe it's time to step back and re-evaluate things in our lives.  Not necessarily everything, but discovering what brought about the event that's caused the shake-up is a good place to start.  Determine if something done--or not done--tipped the scales enough to kickstart the upset.  In my life, nine times out of ten it comes back to me.  Not necessarily something I've done--or not done--on purpose, but an action or inaction of my own is often at the root.  Once identified, some thought can lead to the changes needed to correct whatever it was that happened.

Our lives are busy enough without things going wrong, and there are times that we had nothing to do with it.  If that curve ball was completely from left field and had nothing to do with something we did or didn't do, then it's time to deal with whatever it brought and then move on.  No sense in wringing our hands over something we can't control.

It's been three weeks since I last blogged here, and that was far from what I'd planned.  Things happened.  Much of those things had been screaming for my attention, and then finally reached a point where they could no longer be ignored.  I'm working on that. ☺  I hope to be back here on Friday to report that life is moving along as it should.  It's definitely feeling safer already.

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