Monday, December 5, 2011

Creating Good Writing Habits

It would be hard not to notice that Christmas is fast approaching.  Weren't we just Trick-or-Treating on Halloween?  The next thing you know, not only will Christmas be over, but New Year's will be almost gone.

If you're a traditional New Year's-ist, this would be a perfect time to start thinking about those Resolutions.  After all, even if the rumors of 2012 being the end of life as we know are true and aren't simply a marketing thing, there's a lot of time to live between January 1 and December.  Why not get a head start now, instead of waiting until the last minute of 2011 to decide on what to improve?

Right now, instead of focusing on those every-year self-improvement resolutions (weight loss, exercise, and the rest), I want to focus on writing resolutions.  Why?  Because I'm in desperate need of creating some new habits and sticking to them, and if I start now, I can make some headway.

The #1 writing habit I need to make and stick to is writing every day.  While it's true that I do some kind of writing each day, whether it's emails, blogs, or the real stuff of putting stories to paper, it's the latter that I need to focus on the most.  It simply isn't something I've managed to make a priority.  This isn't something new.  I've been grappling with this for several years, so it's become something I'd really like to conquer.

So here's my Resolution/Goal for 2012:  I will write every day, Monday thru Friday.  At least a page.  Three pages would be even better.  More than that would be a miracle on an everyday basis.  If possible and life allows, I'll write on the weekends, too.

Anyone with me on this?  Are you like me and have trouble carving out time to do what really should be done when it comes to writing?  Then take your pick of whatever writing habit you need to create, and let's start it today.  I'll check back in next Monday to post if I've had any progress, and so can anyone who's joining me.

"The way to write is to throw your body at the mark when your arrows are spent."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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