Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time March-es On

Yes, I know it's Tuesday and I'm already running behind this week.  But the plan is to catch up...at least on as much as possible.  I have a legitimate excuse.  The invasion of five kids over five (make the seven) days of school-not-in-session can do a number on a person's motivation.  But Spring Break is over, and three of the five kids are back in school.  Life could return to normal...if only we knew what normal is.  We're trying.

Included in the trying was to at least make some progress on the writing goal.  My writing group's BIAW (Book In A Week) ended Sunday, and I'm happy to say that in spite of a crazy week, I met my goal +2 pages.  Although I wish it had been more, I'm not going to complain.  Progress was made and, in the end, that's what counts.

I'll be honest.  I didn't have a lot of faith that I'd make make 20 pages I'd declared as my goal.  It was mostly hit and miss, with a couple of pages here and another page there.  And then everything fell apart.  I was over halfway through it when I started wondering about details.  I called my Love Inspired author friend, Patricia Davids, and asked for help on medical points.  I wasn't happy to be told that I was right about being on the wrong track, but I didn't let it stop me.  When there's a roadblock, the best thing to do is fix it or find a way around it and keep going.  I chose the latter, and I'll return later during edits to rewrite the parts of the scenes that won't work with the changes made.  In the end, it will be correct, and I'm thankful to Pat for helping me with it.

While most of my goals are writing related, not all of them are.  In addition to writing goals, writers have others and need motivation, just like everyone else.  Each one of us could do with a healthy dose of motivation every day.

There are times in our lives when getting out of bed in the morning is nearly impossible.  Giving in to pulling the covers over our heads and avoiding whatever it is that needs facing or doing isn't going to change anything.  Getting up and moving and living might be hard sometimes, but in the long run, we can't hide forever.  It's amazing what a little action can accomplish and lead to reaching a goal, no matter how large or small.

Do you fee like you're in a dead-end job and need to look for a new one?  A new job probably won't come knocking on your door, but if you start looking, one just might appear.  Make a goal to spend thirty minutes a day doing job searches and applying for jobs you're qualified to do.

If, like mine, areas of your home need some attention, set a goal to give that attention and clear the clutter, paint the walls, or whatever needs to be done.  Remember to break down your goal into several manageable sizes, and before you know it, you'll reach it, with the reward of nicer space.

Need to lose some extra pounds, especially now that summer is nearly here?  It's amazing what even a small handful of lost pounds can do for the figure and the ego.  Set a goal.  Mallory, my youngest (who's dieting and exercising), and I decided over a week ago that, now that the weather is warming, we were going to start walking again.  And then the rain hit last week.  By the time the Spring Breakers were gone each day, it was getting too dark to walk anywhere.  That doesn't mean we've given up on our goal to walk. Unless the rain returns today, we'll pick up where we left off...at the start of our goal.

Whatever your goal, it takes working at it, even when life tries to throw a monkey wrench in the works.  Keep trying, and one day you'll be surprised that progress is being made and the goal is in sight, after all.  It truly is amazing what you can do when you try. :)
The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. ~ Mark Caine

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