Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toeing the Line

That's the writing cave on the left.  The entrance to it, anyway.  My fellow Ditzy Chix are very familiar with it.  The Cave is our go-to place for writing, especially when we're faced with looming deadlines that must be met.  It probably looks a bit gloomy, but it isn't.  It's our magic.

The Cave is much better farther inside.  In this photo, the hunky cabana boys who see to our every need aren't visible.  They're especially good with neck rubs and mixing the best exotic drinks found on the planet.  Or in the case, found in the Cave.  They're also great inspiration for our heroes.  Just close your eyes and think of the most gorgeous male you've ever had the pleasure to see, and you'll have an idea of what our cabana boys are like. ;)

As the title of this blog post suggests, I'm toeing the line.  Deadline is looming, and I'm getting close to the wire.   I am optimistic, though.  With a chapter and a half to go before reaching THE END, focus needs to be on the H/H reaching their HEA.  And if you don't know what H/H and HEA stand for, you may be in the wrong place. ;)  So I'm taking a break for a few days and plan to be back soon with what I hope will be a new and improved blog.  No, there won't be any new window dressings, just some improved structure.

Be sure to check back next Wednesday (May 2) for an update.  Until then, remember...
The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead. ~ Robert Brault

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