Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hope & Thanks

With Thanksgiving only a day away and many people I know are finishing their 21 Days of Thankfulness, it seems only fitting to take a step back and remember the good things that have happened over the past year.  Complaining about what isn't good doesn't make it better.  Working toward making our lives better and believe that we can does.

I didn't participate in the 21 Days, because of a deadline that ended on Monday.  After four hours of sleep, I got out of bed, let the new dog out, and wrote an epilogue that may or may not make sense, then I sent the whole revised book so my editor via email. The rest of the day included walking through a fog of duh and the reason for not writing a blog post.  That's my excuse.

But I'm not going to use this space to opine on the good things that have happened to me this year.  I'm going to share a YouTube video that should be seen be everyone.  On Friday, I'll share another.

Blessings to all of you, your family and friends.

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