Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Friday?

Holidays do this to me.  My inner calendar is off. Not that it doesn't happen all on its own and far too often, without the benefit of a holiday.  Don't take me wrong.  I LOVE three-day weekends, especially when they're the more "official" ones, as Memorial Day was this week.  Why?  Ah, because those official ones are days I don't hear the pitter-patter (and blood-curdling screams) from the younger set.  Their mothers get to hear it. ☺

Just to catch up anyone who wondered if I made that 40 page goal by last Sunday, the answer is yes. Total count was 78 pages for the week from Sunday through Sunday.  Yeah, I was amazed.  And that Monday-holiday wasn't even in the count!  *patting self on back*  One scene of about 8 pages and a short epilogue to write, and this baby will be done.  Well, except for the editing.  But I'll be putting this project away for a week or so and move onto something else.  Writing every day, if possible, kicks in the after-burners and makes writing easier.  Let a chunk of time go by with no writing, and it's hard to get back into it.

Now back to today being Friday...

Today is the kick-off for our city's annual River Festival.  This evening will include the Sundown Parade, followed soon after by my favorite event--the Twilight Pops Concert, featuring the local and excellent symphony orchestra on the banks of the river and ending with Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture complete with cannon fire and fireworks.  That's followed by more fireworks with coordinated  music.

There's more to the 9-day festival, although we don't go to as many events as we did, long ago.  And I do mean long ago.  We've surpassed 40 years.  The festival began as a centennial celebration in 1972, then grew into an annual celebration.  Back in the '80s, the only time my daughters and I missed the Sundown Parade was when it rained.  Imagine trying to corral four girls, one a baby in a stroller, through a crowd of many thousands.  It was a trick to keep track of them, but we managed.  "We" being me.

One year, I ran in the River Run.  Okay, I mostly walked the 2-miles, but I finished.  Another year I was part of a tug-of-war team, held on the sandy shore of the river in one of the parks.  I've hunted for the medallion, watched hot-air balloons launch, gone to concerts--the best being the 5th Dimension, who I'd seen when I was much younger--and sat through more men's softball tournaments than I care to remember.  They've discontinued another favorite, the bathtub race, and I miss it the most of the activities and events that have been left behind.  But there's still plenty to do for everyone, with Children's Theater productions for the little ones, rides, and recently a zip-line across the river for older ones and grown-ups has been added.  Not my cup of tea, but it's fun to watch.  These days, runs and tug-of-wars are behind me, too, but it's nice to sit on the sloping, grassy riverbank and just relax, waiting for the concert as the banks along both sides fill with people of all ages.

This is my vacation.  One or two days of walking and walking and watching fireworks.  If it rains tonight, I'll be disappointed.  I look forward to the Twilight Pops and firework from year to year.  But if rain or wind should ruin the night, I'll be found amid the chaos of my office or maybe watch a little TV.  It's going to be my Friday Off, and I intend on making it a good one.

Kick your weekend off with a bang and ENJOY something close to your heart!
Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life. - Avril Lavigne 

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