Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guess What Day It Is?

Awwww, you guessed it.  Yes, it's Wednesday, and as I type this, I'm almost to the halfway point.  Okay, of the daylight part of the day, that is.  But I don't get to sleep when the sun goes down.  I get to stay up and work.  Daytime is reserved for all those things that can't be done after 6 p.m.

My list today included a call to the bank, answering emails, checking out Facebook (which I really don't have time for, but...), a trip to get 6 items at the store  (only 5 were available), and the usual taking and bringing-back of small urchins.  There's more, here and there, but those were the main items.  All are done, except that taking and bringing-back thing.  Two trips down and two more to go.  Speaking of two, there are only 2 more days before Friday comes around again.

Now, I don't know about you, but for me, weekends fly by at the speed of sound.  Sunday is not my favorite day of the week because of that.  It means Monday morning is just around the corner, and life starts anew, once again.  I'd love to stretch out a Saturday by doing nothing, but that rarely happens.  Then again, if I weren't busy, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Last Saturday we watched basketball.  College basketball.  One team didn't win, but the other did, in an astounding game that had my mouth hanging open at the buzzer.  A real fingernail-biter.  The plan had been to clean or at least straighten my office.  Yeah, right.  It never seems to get crossed off the old To Do list.  But I did sort of clear the debris from the finished book and discovered that there really is a desk under all of that, not just a tall, flat pile of notes, timelines, character charts and storyboards.  Whoda thunk it?  The downside is that I can't find anything any better than I could before I cleared out the mess.

Watching TV has become a luxury.  It wasn't so bad during the summer.  Most of what I watch (a total of 4 shows and an occasional HBO or PBS series) weren't on.  Work did get done.  But now that those shows are back on, I'm finding that I'm still not watching. I'm 3 hours behind on Downton Abbey and don't know that I'll have time to catch up or even watch this week's show.

Going out to dinner or a movie?  What are those?  Dinner out is rare, except for a once or twice a month short drive for fast food.  And I'm not a big fan of fast food.  Unless it's Sonic ice cream.  It's been too cold for that. :(  And movies?  Like in a theater?  I haven't stepped inside one for over a year or even rented a movie for even longer.

So life, is dreary, although it isn't, really.  It's too busy to be dreary or boring or ho-hum.  But Wednesday Hump Days do provide at least a glimpse of something different than the usual list of things that must be done.  Saturday rolls around, and I allow myself to sleep in.  But then I have to, because Fridays nights are for writing and run right into very early Saturday mornings.  The brain must have rest!

I'm one scene ahead of the new writing schedule I started on Monday.  If I can keep this up, I won't have that dastardly and exhausting rush to the finish line aka deadline.  You bet I try to reach those small goals!  If not, I wouldn't see the light of day...except for those taking and bringing-backs.

Here's hoping your Hump Day is productive!  Do I hear a wheeeeee as we go down the slide to the weekend?

More SMART Goals on Friday. :)
I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. ~ Douglas Adams

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