Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time to Get Moving

For me, summer is two days away.  By 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, freedom reigns . I can't remember looking forward to summer as much as I am right now.  Except maybe once, and that was long ago when my high school graduation approached.  That last summer of being a non-adult was fast approaching.  That last summer to spend with friends, to be free and unencumbered, if only for a few months.

A month ago I blogged about how I'd written only four new pages.  In fact, my total for April was 10 pages.  Ten pages.  That's abysmal.  And, sadly, that's pretty much where I still am.

Now comes the B U T.  By later today, I'll be halfway through the first round of edits on a new book.  They're going well.  The story is there and it's moving along.  Building, even.  I wrote the first draft a year ago and had forgotten about all the things in the story.  I'm pleased with it.  And even though I'm not doing fresh writing, I'm moving forward, and that's the key.  And I'll be done before the end of the weekend.

With the upcoming opportunity to have more time, one would think I'd be waiting until the interruptions of "real" life have begun to fade.  Instead, I chose to dive in ahead of time.  By the time Monday rolls around, I'm hoping my head is back in the writing game, and I can move forward from those pitiful ten pages that were written in April.

Motivation to write is fickle.  After burying myself in a deadline during January and February, I spent March recuperating.  And April being lazy.  I have an idea in mind for a new series, I sort of know the characters and there's a vague idea of where the stories will be going.  And that's it.  The harder I tried to push it, the faster my mind would snap shut.  Agatha Christie was right.  "The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes."  Are you pressed for time in real life?  Is every possible have-to knocking at your door?  Story ideas will abound.  But if you're sitting there, strumming your fingers on the keyboard, waiting for inspiration, you'll get nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zero.

When you can't get to the things you really, really want to do, you're going to want to do them that much more.  That has to be one of Murphy's Laws.  You've set your goals, you're ready to roll.  And then life steps up and throws you a curve ball.  You come down with the flu, one of your kids needs a costume for the school play, taxes are due, your partner loses or gains a job.  Major life events happen, along with minor ones, and your plan--your goals--are set aside.

But there's always those dishes to do...  "The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes."  Read that one more time.  The best time for planning a book IS while you're doing dishes.  You've been given the gift of a mindless chore, when you can let your imagination run wild.  Not only is dishwashing time a good one, but any time you have a few quiet moments.  Vacuuming or dusting?  Bedmaking?  Doing laundry?  A fifteen minute break at work or lunch on your own?  Brainstorming can happen at any time, any where.  It doesn't need to be a big chunk of time.  Any bit of time will do.

No time to write?  Of course there is!!  We give non-priority time too much weight. Snatch that 15 minute break at work, or the time spent waiting for school to let out.  Instead of thumbing through magazines at the doctor's office, take a small notebook, brainstorm and make notes.  Whatever comes to mind.

This just popped up on Twitter.

By wisely investing this moment, this hour, this day, this time you're in, you can continue to reap its benefits long after it has passed.
So there it is.  One sentence.  Twenty-five words.  It's time to get moving.  Let's do it!
Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. ~ William Penn

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