Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

That really isn't a fair title. The truth is, another Silhouette line is being closed. Silhouette Bombshell did not bite the dust. The authors of the many wonderful books in that line put their heart and soul into their stories, but because sales weren't as high as what the company had hoped for, they've (the guys in suits) have decided to discontinue the line. The last books will be on shelves in January '07.

I really liked this line. In fact, I liked it so much I even tried my hand at writing one. Sadly, it was rejected, but even in rejection I learn something. I may like the "kickass heroines" I read about in Bombshell, but I'm not a kickass heroine, myself. *grin* And that was okay, because I could still read the books. I won't be able to much longer.

If you were a Bombshell reader, drop your favorite author(s) a line and let her/them know. They'll really appreciate it, and you'll put a smile on their faces--something they really need right now.


tammy said...

Hey Roxann!

Bombshell closing is so sad. It's a terrible thing. I know of one author that had a book coming out right after the closing date, so now she won't ever see it in print. That is heartbreaking. I feel bad, I always thought about reading the line, but never did. Maybe alot more of us should have I guess.

RomanceWriter said...

I read a few Bombshell books and found them very unique. i am sad to see the line go.