Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween! aka The Moral of the Story

This post should really be titled, "The Disadvantages of Aging." I'm not yet ready to officially announce being old, but I will bite the bullet and admit that my memory is failing me...often to my disadvantage. I'll simply skip the story and announce the moral: Always keep sign-in information, including passwords, in a safe place. It's easy to forget them and can lead to no posting to blogs.

I doubt I can even begin to catch up, so I won't try. That said, we've moved out of summer here and into fall. Yesterday was beautiful, with the high temp of 76, but a bit windy. Those of us in Kansas understand windy. Then last night, the wind picked up, just about the time I ventured out for provisions, i.e. food, and the temps dropped dramatically. It was even worse an hour or so later when one of my daughters asked me to accompany her on a search for a new Halloween costume. Temp was in the upper 30's and wind gusts were close to 40 mph. The moral of that story: Don't go looking for a Halloween costume the night before Halloween--unless you're a child who isn't picky. And she's 24. Today we're eating Halloween cookies. My plans for the evening, while my own grown-up kids take their kids trick or treating, is to turn the lights out and veg out on old scary movies, accompanied by buttery popcorn.

So Happy Halloween, All Hallows Eve, and Samhein to all!! I hope it's an evening of delightful shudders. And Happy Birthday to Lisa Childs, the Ditzy Chix own Halloween girl!

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