Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Shouldn't Be Funny, But...

Yes, it is.

I'm a Criminal Minds fan. I admit it, I'm looking forward to the new fall season on TV because of Criminal Minds. Mandy Patinkin was the reason I started watching it the first season it was on. I'm a Mandy Patinkin fan, too. Yentl is the first movie I remember him in. Then came Princess Bride. Then Chicago Hope (eat your heart out, ER), followed by Dead Like Me and then Criminal Minds. Not that Joe Montegna doesn't do a fine job on CM. He isn't nor was he supposed to be Gideon--Mandy's character on CM--so my mind doesn't try to fit him into that role. I enjoy Joe and all the characters and actors on CM. But I enjoy Mandy in just about anything.

Then I stumbled across this video on a CM blog. Mandy is a fantastic singer. (Remember him singing and playing the piano on Chicago Hope?) But this is just... Well, it just shouldn't be funny. I can't help it. I'm still laughing.

September 23 can't get here fast enough for me!

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