Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An Oldie But Goodie

The title of this post describes me. Yeah, I've passed the first 1/4 century mark. And the 1/2 century mark, too. But let's just keep that a secret for just a little longer.

No, my age doesn't bother me, even when my charming daughters remind me--which they do whenever they can. I just repeat to myself, "Age is simply a state of mind," until I faint from exhaustion or realize that another birthday has come and gone. Of course Social Security reminds me once a year or so. Then there are those Active Aging newspapers I get in the mail once a month. And let's not forget the offers from AARP, but that really isn't indicative of age. My 27-year-old daughter gets them, too. ::evil grin::

What's really fun is watching how fashion goes around and then comes around again. Platform shoes from the 70's, huge bell-bottom pants from the 60's, and now there are the peek-a-boo toe shoes that I remember my mother wearing in the 50's. Fool that I am, I threw away those platform shoes, don't plan to ever get into another pair of big bell-bottoms, and would never, ever have a pair of shoes that remind me of my mother when I was 5. Well, maybe not ever. I did see that cute pair while wandering through Target the other evening.

Now that I've admitted to being a golden oldie, I'm going to share my decade--the best times ever--on this blog. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, I graduated in 1969. High school, not college. I'm not that old!

So here we go! A blast from the past! Enjoy the golden years once again.

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