Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Five Days of June

Each year during the week after Father's Day, my daughter Lyndsay and her hubby go on a canoe trip in Oklahoma with his family and a few family friends. They leave on Wednesday and return on Sunday. Sabrina and her hubby, Chelsea and her guy have all joined them at one time or another. I'm the designated baby-sitter, with Mallory's help. I call this time of year The Five Days of June.

I've never gone on the canoe trip. I don't plan to. From personal experience, a camping trip means at least one very stormy night. At my age, rain, wind, lightning and hail are better experienced in a sturdy building, not in a tent.

Today is Sunday, the last day. Gavin, Jaxon, and Payton will soon be going home with what I expect will be exhausted parents. I'm eager to hear what Ally, who went on the trip this year, thinks of the trip. I suspect it might not have been as great as she'd hoped, but I could be wrong. Will know more in a few hours.

The bright spot in all this is that it'll be another year before we do this again. I'll have my bed back, instead of sharing it with Jaxon's feet in my back. I'll sleep the night through, not being awakened once by Payton's crying from the playpen next to my bed. And Gavin, well, thank goodness he sleeps like a log on the sofa. But we had some good times, and those are what we'll remember...until next year's Five Days of June rolls around again. :)

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