Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Days

Over the past week or so, the g-kids and I have been trying to make a trip to the nearby playground a daily ritual. Even with no sidewalks for three blocks and the fact that we have to watch out for crazy drivers, we enjoy the four block trip. In fact, when I offer to drive, they all loudly refuse. They like to walk.
(Gavin swinging)

On our first trip, the kids were enjoying the equipment (2 sets of swings, a lopsided merry-go-round, 3 types of bars, and a slide), when I looked at the sky and saw that dark clouds had formed in the southwest, a sure sign of rain coming. We quickly gathered our things and started for home. We were half a block from my house when huge drops of rain started falling from the sky, accompanied by tiny pieces of hail. Jaxon and I walked faster, while Scarlett, Ally, and Gavin ran on to the house. Just as we stepped up on the porch, the sky opened up, then a loud crash of thunder made us all jump when we ducked inside.
(Scarlett with Jaxon on the basketball court)

I thought they might not be as eager to go the next day, so I didn't mention it. They did! Our second trip was even more enjoyable without the rain. And they'd still rather walk.
(Payton swinging)


Reese Mobley said...

Great pix! My Jackson is coming to see his grandma soon.

Roxann Delaney said...

And I know you're having a blast, now that he's there!