Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ah, Saturdays

It's a cold rainy day, with the temp hovering right at freezing. I'm glad to be inside and know that by tomorrow, it'll be back up to near spring weather...hopefully without the rain. Okay, we need the rain. It's been a dry winter, except for those crazy snowstorms that dumped on us and shut down school for more days than I can remember.

I love Saturdays, rain or shine. There are no screams of small children trying to murder each other, no lemon juice poured in my cable box (as happened this week), and I can usually do pretty much whatever I want to do. My oldest granddaughter is here on weekends, while her mom is at work and has two weekdays off. It's like the Rolling Stones said in their song. You can't always get what you want. But this particular g-kid is the more quiet one. Being an only child as I was, she manages to keep herself busy watching TV, playing with the cats--or trying to--or getting on the computer to play games. It's not a problem.

So what do I have on my to-do list today? Tons of things, but only a few will get my attention. There's a website client who needs some updates done, a book proposal that needs more work, dishes to wash, house to clean, and other jobs clamoring for attention. A typical Saturday. Hope you enjoy yours!

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