Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

No, you didn't take a wrong turn.  This is still Diary of a Mad Romance Writer, but there's been some remodeling.  I've thrown away some furniture and scrubbed everything until is shines, both here and at my website.  It may only be a transitional thing, but for now it's my blog home.

Along with the change in design, there'll be a few more new things going on.  I'll be adding a new author page on Facebook in the next few days and will be giving away some copies of The Maverick's Reward, which will be available in stores in June. 

I'll also be blogging about new things, including writing tips for new writers, the latest book news and discussion on books, life as a writer and other topics.  So check back often and don't be shy about saying hi or sharing your thoughts.

Until later, have a wonderful rest-of-the-day!

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