Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring Away on Labor Day

Sounds like a catchy song, doesn't it?  If it was, I'd be playing it, because that's what I'm doing.  However, Santana singing Black Magic Woman will have to do.

What I'm doing isn't back breaking labor or even labor I'm being paid to do.  I'm working on making my office work for me.  That includes cleaning and sorting papers and things--especially things that don't belong--in my office.  I have several boxes of paper ready to be taken to the recycle center and wonder if there'll ever be an end to it. There are a couple of boxes that I'll shred here later, and then take to the center.  Books need to be shelved, surfaces need to be cleared, and the floor needs a quick vacuuming.  Instead of storing things I haven't looked at or used in a while, I'm trying to throw away more.  If this works well, there are other areas of my home that can stand to be streamlined.

One would think a writer with a computer wouldn't have boxes and piles of papers.  As the 7-Up Un-Deer said in the '70s, WRONG-O!  A computer and printer can mean even more paper than a typewriter did.  It's so much easier to simply print a research article on the Web than it is to make notes.  It's so much easier to spot mistakes in a manuscript for someone like me who has been reading the printed word for--well, let's say over 40 years, but has only been watching a computer screen for maybe 20 at the most.

Hey, I'm a creature of habit, and my habit tends to being a bit shy about throwing things away.  I'm working on changing that habit.  (A weekly dose of Hoarders helps.)  If that means working on Labor Day, then so be it.  After the office, the next thing on my list is to rebuild a bookcase for the living room, and then dive into a bedroom-sort.  By then it may be time to start dragging out those cooler weather aka fall/winter clothes and put away the shorts.  Frankly, after a summer of record-breaking heat, I can't wait!

Hope you're enjoying your Labor Day this year!  And remember, Christmas is less than 4 months away. ;)

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