Friday, September 16, 2011

Not a Week to Repeat

I didn't intend to be MIA this week, but last weekend was busy with no time to write a blog in advance.  Monday morning I woke up with what quickly proved to be a full blown, down and dirty cold.  I have a routine for that kind of thing that includes particular cold medicines for day and night, and my ever faithful echinacea to help my immune system to fight off the nasties.  Still, I don't remember feeling quite so tired, just because of a cold, so time was spent sleeping whenever possible, if even for an hour at a stretch.

Tuesday I learned my aunt (my mother's brother's wife) had passed away.  We lost my uncle in May, and many of us hadn't yet completely come to terms with it.  It's tough to deal with new grief while still grappling with another, but it's something many people have to do.  I'll miss my aunt, just as I miss my uncle, even though I hadn't seen them often.  They were the last of my mother's family.  What's left now are cousins of all ages.  First cousins, second cousins, third cousins and others.  New, little cousins I hadn't seen until today at the funeral.  Life does go on, even as we have to say goodbye to another.

I'll be back to normal on Monday and plan to share some new thoughts on writing.  I'm happy to say that my cold is pretty much gone, and I'm feeling a little more normal every day.

Enjoy the weekend!

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