Monday, September 10, 2012

Race to the Finish

This needs to be short, quick, and to the point, but more than likely I'm going to ramble.

I have a deadline to finish a book that's under contract.  It's written, but it needs work.  A lot of work.  I've also been working on websites for two lovely authors whom I think the world of, so it's been a balancing act.  I've done okay, in spite of other things in life going wrong.

I've been without a running car since Thursday, and today it was fixed.  Or so we thought.  Instead, it gave me trouble again, but it looks like we're finally good to go.  (Hear me praying?)  Thanks to my son-in-law for coming to the rescue of my car, once again.  Not that anyone reading this really cares, right? :)

With the car, the websites and the deadline, my mind is spinning out of control.  That should be obvious, considering the rambling.  Instead of trying to share my thoughts on motivation or much of anything else, I'm going to give something that a group of writers on an email loop back in the late 90's came up with, and then I'm going to take my motivation and get to work.  I'll be back next week on Monday with thoughts on motivation.  And I hope to have a new Writing Wednesday on time this week, so see you then!

BIC-HOK: Butt In Chair-Hands On Keyboard - Cataromance

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