Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Downside of 3-Day Weekends


The first three-day weekend of the new school year has just passed, and I'm still scratching my head over what happened to all those best laid plans.

Yes, I know.  Three-day weekends are supposed to be wonderful.  This Labor Day weekend was not.  At least it wasn't wonderful in the sense that it went according to plan, that I was able to scratch things off my list and enjoy the days.

Scarlett & Allie with Darth

On Saturday, my plan was to write the last chapter of Designs on the Cowboy. Instead, #3 daughter Chelsea (#3D) decided to take me, #4D Mallory, and her two nieces Allie and Scarlett to the Star Wars exhibition in town for the final three days.  Yes, I could have said no, but miss seeing all that great Star Wars stuff?  (Remember, I'm old enough to have seen Episode IV in the theater when it first came out.)  So the hour or so that she assured me was all the time it would take became the whole afternoon.  That included about a 1/3 round of mini-golf in the upper 90s heat.  Evening was spent at #1D Sabrina's for dinner and insanity.
Saturday was blown, but worth it.

On Sunday I finished writing the last chapter aka the book is finished.  First draft, anyway.  (By the way, it went on and on and on and will have to be severely cut before calling the whole thing "done".)  Monday was spent trying to figure out where I lost control of my weekend and life.  Nothing that I'd planned, except the finish of that last chapter, was accomplished over the three-day weekend.

So here's how it went down:

  • Monday (Labor Day) was a non-day.  No blog post even considered, since I was trying to discover where the weekend had gone.
  • Tuesday was, well, it was Monday, but it wasn't Monday enough to blog about.
  • Wednesday was Tuesday, and there's really nothing to a Tuesday, so I worked on websites due at the end of this (insane) week.
  • Thursday (today) is Wednesday, so I'm writing/typing this blog.

The question now becomes:  Is tomorrow really Friday?

Next three-day weekend?  Sometime next year.  Maybe that's a good thing, after all. :)
I could easily escape to a hotel for a weekend and do absolutely nothing. ~  David Boreanaz

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