Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer is Winding Down

You know when the beginning of  a new school year is just around the corner, when school supplies start appearing in stores.  Because I'm big sucker for all things that can be stuffed in an office, I've been scoping out what's available in the Back-To-School aisles for a couple of weeks.

Grandkids have spent the summer confiscating my pens, so trying to find a tool to jot down a note or make a simple list has become an effort in futility.  I've already replaced two of four of my favorite pens that "disappeared" and decided to buy a pack of ten inexpensive ones for .99, hoping they'll last more than a week.    Use a pencil, you say?  Have you tried to sharpen a wood pencil lately?  The lead breaks off before it can be used.  I suspect they've been made less sharpenable so people buy the more expensive automatic pencils--the click kind.  I've managed to hang on to a few of those--nice ones--but it's time to buy more lead.

Then comes all the rest of the wonderful things that can be found.  Not that they'll always be used, but what the heck!  If it fits in a drawer or a plastic bin--don't get me started on those--I "need" it.  I use plastic sleeves in my 3-ring notebook "bibles" to keep book information in one place.  (see my blogpost Taming the Series Beast)  Because I ran out a few weeks ago, a trip to Wally World down the street was a must.  I did get a good deal on them and will have enough to last a while.  Unfortunately, the notebooks I use aren't on sale right now, but I did pick up a nice 1" 3-ring binder in purple, although for the life of me, I don't remember what I planned to do with it.  Last night, in addition to the pens, I found plastic pocket folders with brads for 50 cents.  I bought purple (yes, I like purple---Go K-State!), blue, neon orange and neon green.  I had a purpose for one.  The rest?  I'll find a reason. ;)  I controlled myself and didn't buy dividers, although it was tempting.  Oh, yes, there's also a new ream of copy paper.  I'm a bit OCD about printing, evidenced by the need to purchase a new printer cartridge two weeks ago when I ran out of ink while printing 3 copies of a 20 page contract.  And before anyone asks, I recycle paper.

Scissors, Sharpies, white board markers, highlighters, index cards, paper clips, binder clips, rubber bands, push pins, magnets, sticky notes and non-sticky notes, scratch pads, legal pads, notebooks, spiral notebooks...  The list is endless.  A few years ago for Christmas, a friend gave me a set of binder clips in different colors that say crap on them.  I love them!  I blame my mother for all this stuff.  She owned her own business when I was growing up, and she always had all kinds of things I could use to play "office."

I'm in heaven at this time of year. No need to make a stop at Office Max or Office Depot.  A good thing, because when I drop in to buy one, small item, I end up spending $50 or more.  "Oooh, look at this!  I need it!"

What are your must-have office supplies?

The best part of this time of year is that school will start.  Thirteen days and counting.  Quiet time, at least for a few hours each day, meaning I don't have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to make word count for the day.

Oh, and that 20-page contract?  It's for the last of my Desperation, Oklahoma, series.  For those who have asking if Erin, the sister of the two heroes of A NANNY FOR THE COWBOY and DESIGNS ON THE COWBOY, will have her own story!  Then one more to wrap up storylines and answer questions--Just why is Esther chasing Vern all over town? and Will Aggie and Hettie have their own HEAs?--and then Desperation and its characters will ride off into the sunset.  Or will they?
"Dream on, dream on, dream until your dream comes true..." --Aerosmith

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