Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back on Track

I've been up to my ears in moving websites and finally finished the last of 9 yesterday. Not that anyone will notice any changes. Those are all "behind the scenes". But it has taken a huge chunk of time, and of that time, I had hoped to be blogging. It didn't happen. Add no school for the grandkids on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and it's been crazier than usual in our household.

It's time to get back on track, so I'll give it another try and hope that it works this time. With the holidays fast approaching, I'm not holding my breath.

I did manage over the past few weeks to watch a gift from my oldest daughter last Christmas. I'd been saving it, ready to savor each delicious episode.

According to Wikipedia, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which aired on NBC from September 18, 2006 to June 28, 2007, received mixed reviews. My review of it wasn't at all mixed. I loved it and give it a place on my all-time favorite TV shows. The talented cast, including Matthew Perry (Friends), Bradley Whitford (The West Wing), Amanda Peet, Steve Weber (the guy you often love to hate), Sarah Paulson, D.L. Hughley, Nathan Cordry, Timothy Busfield (Thirty-Something), and many more, gave this show the depth that isn't often reached in prime time television, thanks to its creator Aaron Sorkin. After watching the final episode of the 22 episodes, I couldn't help but wonder yet again why this show was canceled. (I heard it was more a political reason than anything else.) Studio 60 was nominated for Golden Globe, received two other wins and 11 nominations for various awards. With superb acting and writing, what went wrong? Too cerebral for a large number of viewers, who not much later turned to reality TV? I admit that sometimes it moved too fast to keep up with details. Sorkin takes a "walk and talk" attitude with his scripts, which means a viewer must keep on his/her toes. Watching it on DVD only strengthened my opinion on how good this show was and still is. I will watch it again, and probably yet again. After all, what's 931 minutes of time spent in enjoyment?

For information on any movie, TV show or actor, visit IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase). It especially comes in handy when you can't remember what you saw a particular actor on in the past, when a movie came out, and other tidbits and trivia. The boards are great to read, too!

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