Thursday, November 20, 2008


Strange title, huh? Wait for it...

I've been buried in writing two synopses since Sunday, with no time for blogging or even real life. But last night, before going back to try to finish the synopsis deed today, I treated myself to a movie. What movie? you might ask. Check the title of this blog post.

I was a child of the 60's. Yes, that makes me old, as my daughters like to remind me. I remember when Hair debuted on Broadway, with it's unbelievable nude scene that lasted all of 20 seconds. That's right. 20 seconds. Of course, I didn't see it then. That was in April of 1968, and I was in high school at the time. Hair was made into a movie and debuted in 1979, but I was no longer in high school (thank goodness!), had married and was living in what we often refer to as "the sticks" or "out in the middle of nowhere". We didn't go to the movies much, and I never had the chance to catch it on satellite. (We were living out in the sticks, remember?)

So last night, I remembered that IMDB--yes, that website I keep touting--offers free movies to watch on computer. A few days ago, I'd noticed Hair was one of the movies offered, so I thought, why not? I knew the movie would be good, if only for the music. Who from my generation didn't like "Good Morning, Starshine", "Let the Sunshine In", "Easy To Be Hard", "Aquarius" (one of my all-time favorites) and, of course, the title song, "Hair", sung way back when by the Cowsills? (Remember them?) The movie was strange, it was fun, it made me laugh, and the ending took me totally by surprise. Treat Williams and John Savage were so YOUNG! But then I once was, too.

If you've never seen Hair or haven't seen it for a long time--I'm only almost thirty years late, but hey, I'm a late bloomer--you can see it, along with others, for FREE at If nothing else, you can wax nostalgic for a couple of hours.


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