Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kindle and Me pt. 2

I've been reading more. That's what getting my Kindle has done for me. Will it last? Well, if the list of books I want to get is any indication, and if I actually read the majority of them, I'd say yes. Time will tell.

So what books have I downloaded? I started with the free classics before Christmas, meaning pre-gift cards, which included all of Jane Austen's books and many of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Greene Gable books. I love the free books and the discounted ones, too. Romance novels number high in the freebies, so that's not a disappointment. I'm trying not to overwhelm myself, so in the past month or so, I've downloaded 21 books.

Which books have I read?

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen It was wonderful to read it again. I haven't read it since high school, which is amazing, because I didn't know P&P was written in the Stone Age. :) It took me a while to adjust to the language, since I haven't read any of the English classics lately, but it was well worth it.

2. Switched (Book 1, Trylle Trilogy) by YA author Amanda Hocking I've never read any of this author's books, but I liked this one, in spite of some negative reviews. Another I downloaded by a different author was one I should've tried a sample of first or at least read the reviews, because I was sadly disappointed and didn't get much farther than the first chapter. I won't give the title or author, but I will say that it's probably worth getting the opinion of someone you know or to download a sample of a new-to-you author's work before buying. Switch is a paranormal, so I was susprised I liked it so much.

3. The Year She Fell by Alicia Rasley I've not only known who Alicia is for many years, but have had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with her. Alicia knows writing, and her website, The Writer's Corner, is one of my favorites for writing advice and help. The Year She Fell was a fabulous book, full of twists and turns. At one point, I thought I had it figured out, only to discover I was only close. It's definitely worth another read in the future.

4. Sweetie by Kathryn Magendie I didn't have a clue what this book might be like, but once into it, I enjoyed it. Set in the mountains of North Carolina, a young girl meets a mountain girl, who teaches her about a different way of life. Descriptions in this book are wonderful. The story is a slow, winding journey through one summer of the lives of Melissa (Lissa) and Sweetie, and well written enough to bring tears to my eyes several times.

Considering I was still on deadline for part of that reading time and that I've started on the proposal for a new book, not to mention those g-kids who require attention throughout the day, I'm thinking four books in just over a month isn't bad, although in the olden days (Stone Age), I might've read those four in a week.

There are stil more to read! Susan Wiggs, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Deborah Smith, and more. Check back again and see what else is on my TBR epile!

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