Monday, January 24, 2011

Kindle and Me

Yes, I admit it. I finally succumbed to the digital age. To be honest, I surprised myself. Me? read electronic books? I love books. Real books. I like to see them lined up on my bookshelves; I like to hold them in my hands. I've loved books since I was old enough to open them and discover the magic inside. Better than a wrapped present, a book has always had the power to take me to another world somewhere outside of myself--or somewhere deep inside myself. So why did I think a digital copy of a book wouldn't do the same thing?

Books are my friends. I can't even name a favorite. There are way too many to choose from. I tried to pass that love and friendship on to my daughters, and I think I succeeded. They're all readers. I also try to instill the same in my grandkids. It's a little harder. After discovering not long ago that my hardcover copy of Stephen King's uncut version of The Stand had pages torn and scribbled on, we had a little talk. They're getting better, not only with the care of my books, but with reading. Books for the two older girls make great Christmas presents, and even Gavin, in first grade, has discovered the magic between the covers and is already a good reader.

Going digital began with toe-in-the-water sampling, first downloading some of Harlequin's free books to my netbook, then adding both the B&N and Amazon apps to the same, along with several free books, mostly classics. And then I kept seeing the Kindle ads when I stopped in at Amazon to check out DVDs. Or Mp3 downloads. Or to get the latest number on my book sales. Of course I didn't want one of those ereaders! I read BOOKS.

But my bookshelves are overflowing and there are even more books in storage, waiting to be added. I've been purging as much as possible, but the shelves are still maxed out. No, there's no more room for bookshelves. Between my youngest and I, we have six. So I began considering the slim possibility of getting an ereader, but my head, not my heart was all that was in it.

It was author Leigh Riker who finally pushed me over the fence. In an email, she mentioned one of the perks she'd discovered with her Kindle. She could use her treadmill and read at the same time, something that was more difficult when using a real book. And she loved it! What's this? A two-for one?

I decided to take the plunge, saved up my pennies, and gifted myself with a Kindle just before Christmas. Because I'd announced to my family that I'd made the decision to go digital, they took the hint and gave me Amazon and Kindle cards as Christmas gifts. I've spent one and have plans for the other. So what books did I get?

I'll tell you all about it in the next installment of Kindle and Me. ☺

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