Friday, August 19, 2011

The End of an Era

Although I've only read the first book, my youngest daughter has read them all--at least once.  She's also made sure I went to see the movies.  And we certainly wouldn't miss having all of the DVDs, except this last one. Of course it will join the other seven on our DVD shelf as soon as it's released.

Thinking we were going to see HP 7.2 on the nation's largest IMAX screen in 2D last week (3D gives me a headache), we discovered we'd read the online theater schedule wrong and had to see it in a regular, non-IMAX theater.  Even so, I still forked over $17 for tickets.  (Lucky me.  I got a discount.)   No popcorn, drinks or goodies.  Yes, I'm cheap.  I go to the theater to see a movie twice in a good year, and usually after it's played out at the more expensive theaters.  Being the first in town (or even my family) to see a movie is not my main goal in life.

After sitting through the trailers of the coming soons and the first fifteen mnutes of HP, I was eternally grateful we weren't able to see it in IMAX in any kind of D.  It was by far real enough on a regular screen.

Was it good?  Oh, my, yes!!  Even for someone who has only read that first book.  Although I have to mention that Brits tend to mumble, so I have to listen extra closely.  Or maybe my hearing is going with the rest of me...downhill.

Anyway, I won't give any spoilers, but for someone who didn't know how it was going to turn out, as readers of the books did, it had me in tears more than once.  I'm waiting to see it again in the cheap seats theater ($3 tickets) with my oldest granddaughter, who was disappointed we didn't take her along with us.  And we'll have the DVD later, so we can look forward to haveing a complete Harry Potter marathon.  I can't wait!

J.K. Rowland did a super job of storytelling!  My only question to her would be to know if what showed on the screen in the movies--the cinematography and special effects--were what she saw in her mind as she wrote.

In one word:  FANTASTIC

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