Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

After blogging about goals on Monday, I started thinking about how we determine what goals we choose and in what order we might do them, especially when life things are happening all around us.  Of course I'm talking about priorities.

If life was as easy as we dream of it being, there'd be no reason to prioritize.  Everything would just fall into place.  Some things are easy and don't take much thought.  We have a meal before we do dishes.  We get dressed before going to work or shopping.  But when it comes to other things that are equally if not more important, it can become much more difficult.

Finding the time to write can seem impossible sometimes.  Women especially battle this more than men.  While that may be changing, we women are still the multi-taskers who watch over everything and try to keep disaster from happening.  For decades women were taught to put everyone else before them.  Not so much anymore.

Still, trying to find time to write or do anything related to writing can seem impossible at times. Writers often have jobs, spouses, families, and those families can include parents, children, and grandchildren.  Writers with children often postpone their writing and their writing dreams until the children are older.  Others search for and find ways to squeeze in some writing time on a regular basis.

Don't beat yourself up, whether you choose to take some time for yourself or devote your time to your family or other things that are important to you.  If you find you want to shift your priorities and make some changes, do it.  Just don't let others tell you what and how.  If you're determined to write, but others don't see it as important as you do, sometimes a talk with family and friends can help make the changes needed.

If your schedule is mind-bogglingly overcrowded, but you're determined to write, don't forget that even a few minutes, here and there, is enough.  It's all forward motion, whether you're writing pages a day or only paragraphs.

So shake off the guilt and the worry.  If this is your time to do something for yourself--something like writing that book of your heart--you'll find a way to do it, if you just keep looking and trying.

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