Monday, January 23, 2012

The Yin and the Yang

People who know me are aware of my title, Queen of Procrastination.  While it's a lofty position, I'm starting to rethink it and wondering if maybe it's time to abdicate my throne.  Or at least share my crown with others who could give me some competition if I was willing to give them the chance.  But  that takes actually doing something, and why would I do that?  Counter-productive?  Isn't that what procrastination is all about?

Still with me?  You see, I know procrastination has its yang.  Or is that yin?  Whatever, I need some motivation.  And just how did I come to this earth shattering realization?  This morning I crawled out of bed with the idea that I would be happier today than yesterday.  That means I have to be productive in some way.  Crawling out of bed was the first step.

The next step is motivation.  Make that MOTIVATION.  To be productive means I must do things, and being the Queen of Procrastin--  Well, you get the picture.  My Yin and Yang are definitely battling.  I decided to google the word motivation and see what I could find that might motivate me.  I stumbled upon a whole section at Psychology Today.  But I didn't stop there.  No, the Q of P must continue to hunt down every lead, no matter where it takes her--or how much time is sucked up in the process.  What did I find?  Why, an integral part of me:  PROCRASTINATION.  A whole blog devoted to it, written by a PhD in Canada at Psychology Today.  Wow!  I could spend days just reading about these things!

What's a Queen to do?  Then I noticed this within the article:
"It has been associated with depression, guilt, low exam grades, anxiety, neuroticism, irrational thinking, cheating and low self-esteem. ...It can be an extremely disabling psychological condition."
Not very queenly, is it? And as far as Yin Yang is concerned, procrastination is the dark side, and too much of one is not good.  It's time for some light.  So let's get motivated and move away from the procrastination.

As the Queen of Procrastination, I hereby decree that Mondays will now be known as MOTIVATION MONDAYS.  Let's get this done!

Begin to be now what you will be hereafter. - William James