Thursday, July 16, 2009

Crazy and Ditzy

Yeah, that's me.

The week started with a front tire blowing out on the Interstate that runs through the city. I was able to hobble the car off the nearest ramp and pull into a parking lot behind a Dog & Shake drive-in. The trunk was full of boxes of things we picked up from storage over the weekend, so everything went in the back seat. I pulled out the spare and discovered there was no jack, but, hey, the tire was full-size and in super condition! What can I say? I know how to change a tire, but I'm not macho enough to lift up the car to do it.

Called the only one of my daughters available where she works, and she and her hubby came to rescue me. Things were going fairly well until the next discovery: Son-in-law's lug wrench didn't fit my lugs. We're 1 for 3, so we find an auto supply store and buy a nifty new lug wrench, which will stay in the car, along with a small hydraulic jack I have at home. No, I did not know the jack and lug wrench were missing. I'm not that crazy. Unfortunately I don't have two new tires sitting in a closet, so that's a purchase I hadn't counted on. Does it ever end?

Copyedits for Bachelor Cowboy (available in January 2010) arrived on Tuesday, so I made most of the changes needed yesterday and will finish today, then mail them off to my editor. I emailed her this morning to ask a question about one change needed, but totally forgot she's at RWA National Conference in Washington, DC. Obviously I'm not there this year. :( One more ditz moment.

32 days until school starts!! I'm giddy with anticipation. Okay, I'm giddy about a lot of things, but three less g-kids during the day will be heaven! Of course there's a new granddaughter who'll be coming along about the same time, so I shouldn't be feeling all that giddy. Does it ever end? LOL

With a book to finish (Morgan's Pride is the working title) and another to start (Nikki's Secret, working title), there's much to get done in the next few months. Both books are set in the same fictional town of Desperation, Oklahoma, where The Rodeo Rider (available next month) and Bachelor Cowboy take place. I love Desperation! No, not the desperate kind, just the fictional town kind. ;) I hope there'll be more, and I hope readers love them as much as I love writing them. Check out my website for more information and excerpts.

Until later, have fun!

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