Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh, Crap

What? Another five years has gone by and it's time for a class reunion? Well, yeah, and it's been ten years, because I wasn't in the mood nor did I have the time five years ago. I have even less time now, but people have been asking, so...

I'm Official Class Reunion Alumni Planner. OhCRAP Which is what I say every five years. How did that happen?!

Don't get me wrong. I truly enjoy spending an evening or even more with old (relative term) friends from high school. Once every five years is fine, although some friends I'd like to see more often. Oh, come on, nobody likes everybody with the same degree. The feet-dragging comes in when it comes to planning and contacting. Because we skipped a reunion (okay I skipped it), it's harder to find where some may have moved. Even with the information highway aka internet, some people just can't be found.

And it isn't like there were hundreds of us. There were like 54 graduates in our class. We do invite some who didn't graduate with us, so the total of invites is much nearer 60. That's 60 email addresses or mailing addresses to track down this year. We're close to having them all, but missing contact info drives me to the edge of insanity. Next comes sending out the infromation, frustrations and all, with hopes that no one will trash it, thinking it's more spam or junk mail. Then comes planning some sort of activity to get things rolling. However, with this group, things are always rolling. Still, some sort of entertainment comes in handy.

So I'm digging in. The first letter is written and will be sent out by the first of next week. (It should have gone out in March.) What I'm really, really hoping is that someone--anyone--will come up for a place where we can have this thing. Right now, I'm at a loss. So what's new?

Hear that sigh? Back to the goals.

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