Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day. Freedom. So that means I don't have to do any work, right?

Didn't think so. :(

I slept late (hallelujah!), and the house is quiet without the sound of children fighting (hallelujah!), so I'm feeling lazy. No plans for celebrating the holiday, which suits me fine. The best fireworks were already done at RiverFest in May, and the neighborhood is filled with snap, crackle, pop, which I could do without, easily, so it's not like I'll be missing anything.

There's plenty to do today: Get some pages written. The book is "officially" half written now, which means I'm a quarter of the way to my deadline. Huh? (whispers: Three chapters were already written for the proposal.) The living room, especially, is a disaster zone, so something needs to be done today or tomorrow. Or both, more likely. Some kind of nourishment is in order sometime today, but QuikTrip has hot dogs, so... Hey, let them do the cooking!

Sending wishes that everyone has a happy and glorious holiday, spent any way you want. I'll be...well, back at it, just as soon as I can put my feet on the floor and do it. Don't hold your breath.

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