Monday, August 3, 2009


Unless you absolutely adore your job and your life, Mondays have to be the worst thing that happens. Too bad they happen every week!

Just when I get accustomed to the relative quiet of many weekends and not having to leave to take someone to work, pick them up, or run errands, or any of the other during-the-week activities that can't be ignored, Monday rolls around again.

Which doesn't mean I get to lay around and do nothing on weekends. Au contraire. Weekends can be just as bad as any other day of the week, even those dreaded Mondays. This weekend it was finishing up charts, calendars and schedules. Saturday night is Family Night, so there's no hiding on the sofa to watch a movie or pick up a book and read. Sunday was spent finishing Saturday's tasks, then a first read-through of the first three chapters of the finished manuscript of Book #3. Oh, and cleaning house, which amounted to the living room. Time is short.

Then along came Monday again, after a night when I kept waking up and dreaming some really strange stuff. And then I hit the ground running. Okay, running first thing in the morning would be suicide, but it sure seems like it when I take Willow out in the morning. That's after she's whined and howled for a good ten minutes, while I'm dragging myself from dreamland. Then the grandkids arrive, then checking email, Facebook, Bits & Bytes, and anything else that's become a morning chore. Then Chelsea to work, and back to the computer to update the Ditzy Chix website. After a quick trip to pick up Gavin, whose group play is over for the summer, and a stop with him at Wally World for lunch stuff---a lesson learned, it's lunchtime, so that's the next chore. Who knows what will rear its ugly head after that?

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