Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Promo? Yuck!

Maybe it was my mother drilling it into my head that I was not allowed to brag. Because I was an only child, people tended to think I had more and better. I didn't. Nobody went nuts on Christmas or birthdays to buy me everything I wanted. And I darned sure better not try lording it over others that I got what I did. I was taught to share, share, share.

So when it come to promoting my books, I'd rather hide away in a deep cave and hope they sell themselves. That didn't work so well in the past. I know there are a few people (relatives, friends, people who don't have a clue) who don't shop the bookstores or the aisles at Wally World, Target, or other stores each month. If I don't tell them, how will they know I have a book they'll want to add to their (very) slowly growing pile? But if I do tell them, isn't that breaking Mother's Commandment #52?

I don't do book signings. I'm not a chatty person. Yeah, I know, that's hard to believe when reading these long-winded posts, but I'm not, especially with strangers. Let's face it, I've always been on the shy side. (People who attended high school with me are doubled up in laughter at that little gem. Okay, it was a different time, a different me.) But even though I don't do book signings, it seems I committed myself to one for this book. I have lost my mind, but there will be two other authors with me, both more accustomed to small talk and both fairly outgoing. Then there's me. I'll be the one in the middle. The quiet one. The one who looks like she's ready to bolt down the mall hallway, pages flying behind her.

I should be sending out emails and postcards and having bookmarks printed and... The list is endless. I did it with my first book, back in 2001, but there was never enough time to do it all. There still isn't, and I don't feel it's right to shove my upcoming book down people's throats. But if I don't tell them, how will they know? How many times have I heard, "I didn't know when your book came out, so I didn't get one"? I've lost count.

So I'll try to devote a portion of today sending emails to people who will probably delete immediately, thinking I'm some sort of promo ho. I'm on Facebook, the web, at my desk getting and receiving emails. Isn't that enough? Apparently it isn't.

Where is that cave again? I think I've lost the directions.


Anonymous said...

I've got you're booksigning in my calendar. Good Lord willing, and the creek don't rise -- my fam and I will be there for a little bit!


Mad Romance Writer aka Rox Delaney said...

You know I was only kidding about the trade off, right? I'll be at the candle party, no matter what. Well, if the creek don't rise here. LOL