Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

It wasn't my intention to let a week go by without sharing even a quick hello, but life sometimes gets in the way of the best intentions.

Let's face it, it was a busy week, and it didn't let up over the weekend.  Now that Monday is here again, the feeling of a hamster on a wheel is beginning to set in.  Yes, definitely a little on the manic side already.

That doesn't mean there weren't enjoyable moments to the mania.  Saturday evenings are often spent at my oldest daughter's.  This time of year it's the watching of favorite football teams, followed by Saturday Night Live.  I've been watching SNL since the very beginning and have to say that, overall and so far this season, it's had more good than bad.

Yesterday was my local writers' group meeting, which is always fun and informative.  It's sometimes my only in-person touch with others besides family...except for those occasional visits to the store for groceries or needed items.  I always enjoy spending time with the ladies at WARA.  You can visit the WARA blog, Bits & Bytes: Romance the Writers Way to see why.

But it's Monday again, so back to work.  This week I hope to devote a large block of time to sorting through my office.  I might even have time to move the furniture to make sure to take advantage of warmer spots during winter.  That all remains to be seen, if I don't finish this up and get busy. ☺

So here's the YouTube of the inspiration for today's blog title.  Although I was married with kids when the Bangles were in their prime, I still enjoyed their music.  Hope you do, too!

If you have other things in your life -- family, friends, good productive day work -- these can interact with your writing and the sum will be all the richer.

- David Brin

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