Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Three inches of flurries. That's what I found when I woke up this morning. And there's more predicted for the rest of the week.

Yesterday's high temperature was 11. Would someone please tell Mother Nature that it's December in Kansas, not February?

I'll admit that the snow is beautiful...until it's time to drive in it. Last Tuesday we had a surprise snowstorm that garnered the city 650 vehicle accidents. I made five trips out during that day, from a two-mile round-trip to take one grandkidlet to school, to a thirty-mile round-trip to take one daughter to work. At least today we'll be down to to-and-from school trips.

For those who live in the white and wild northern states, bless you all. At least you become accustomed to driving in this "stuff". Around here, each snowfall is a new lesson in how to drive slowly and stop even more so. Of course the first snowfall is the worst. Drivers don't seem to retain their common sense from one winter to the next. Not that their memories are any longer a week later, but they do manage to cut the rate of accidents down some. Maybe by the end of the week, they'll have enough practice to slow down and watch out for the other guy...the one who slid through the red light or around the corner sideways.

Right now, spring is way too far in the future for my taste.

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