Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow? ugh!

It's beautiful! It's fun to play in!

But it's dangerous to drive in, and kids tend to track in tons of it on their shoes.

So what do we have today? After 60+ degree weather? Why, snow, of course!

I have to figure in half again as much driving time when going somewhere. I even managed to hit the curb when trying to turn a corner. Not my fault. The driver behind me going up the hill just didn't want to back off, so when I went down the hill, with the corner at the bottom, I didn't slow down as much as I should have, thanks to the truck following so closely behind me. No biggie though. Just a bit of a bump, and I hope the driver understood that if my brake lights are on, along with my turn signal, I'm going to be turning, so keep a safe distance, unless you want to end up in my trunk. :)

But it was almost worth the yucky drive when I saw a house with 5 or 6 big blow-up decorations in the yard. The wind is blowing hard, so the snowman was dancing with the tree beside it, Santa had fallen on his side and couldn't get up, and Charlie Brown was doing push-ups. At least it gave me something to laugh about! And I did, at least for a block.

If your weather isn't the greatest, take care. Drive slowly and especially watch out for others who aren't able to get their car to stop sliding at a ride light.

Tomorrow it will all be gone. Believe me, one day if icky, slicky snow is enough for a while.

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