Friday, June 26, 2009


No, not CLEANNG cleaning. Not picking up the living room, washing the dishes, scrubbing the floors or mopping up messes with the latest in paper products. No, this is thinking cleaning, as in thinking about what to dump from my inbox.

Yes, I was mad/insane when I decided I should get news updates from the local newspaper, but once in a while, it's nice to know what's going on in the world out there. Not usually cheerful, but good to know, just the same. It's nice, too, when I get a notice from Wordpress telling me that someone has posted a comment on the blog I frequent. No, I won't give a name or directions. It's part of my private life. Not that I have anything to be ashamed of, but I don't often mention writing there, so I won't discuss the blog here. Fair enough? But I like knowing when there's a discussion going on that I'm interested in. Unfortunately, at some time during the day, all topics will be interesting to me, even if it isn't until 4 a.m. Don't ask.

Then there are the notices from Facebook that someone is posting, although not necessarily to me, but to...the world? I don't have all this figured out yet, but it's proving to be two things: The first being that it's a lot more fun than I'd expected. I dragged my feet about getting involved, dragged them even slower about requesting friends, and now can't seem to stop doing it all. The second is how much time it consumes. Okay, not hours or anything, and I've found it to be a great wake-up tool. Somebody during the night or before I drag myself from bed has said something that sets me off. I'll comment without much thought. And maybe that's the best thing. Nothing to filter my brain spasm of words. Sometimes I read the notice in email and don't respond, sometimes I wait, and sometimes the perfect comment springs to my fingertips and must be conveyed immediately.

Now I sit and look at the number of emails in my inbox, currently at 609. No, make that 610. Another FB notice just came in. I can get that number down, but it's such a hassle and time consuming, too, to go through it all and try to decide whether it's something that should be kept (some are) or should be tossed (many are). Invariably there will be one or two that fail my decision making process, whatever that is. Gut feeling works best. Hey, if the former Prez can make major decisions (like war) by following his gut, who's to deny me the same when it comes to trashing email?

So before I bury myself in Windows Mail, pitching and throwing the riff-raff from my inbox and after I've finished 4 1/2 page of writing this afternoon (YAY ME), I'll wish for a nap (not likely) with the assurance that I have only so much time in which to get it all done. Mom dutes will be calling in an hour.

Stay tuned for more rambling... It's sure to come, like it or not.


Joan Vincent said...

You're a brave soul, Rox. My daughter showed me her facebook account and commented on how much time it took to keep up. Don't think I can go there yet--never say never--but kudos to you for all you do. I marvel at it all!

Mad Romance Writer aka Rox Delaney said...

Thanks, Joan. The downside to Facebook is that it's fun chatting with friends and making new ones, which of course isn't a down except for the time.