Monday, June 29, 2009

Goals Met?

Well, sort of. 2 out of 4 isn't bad, right? It's like this:

I tackled #3 first. Hang the white boards, cork board squares and clipboards so they're readily available and easy to reach. Okay, all but the cork board squares, but the rest are up. In fact, about 1 a.m., there was a crash and clatter. Scared the begeezes out of me until I realized what had caused it. It was my daughter's cat. The one that thinks she's my cat. She's developed this irritating habit of jumping onto the left corner of my desk, getting a drink from Shrimp's fishbowl, charging across the desk to leave cat hair in Spock's fishbowl, bounce onto the scanner and up onto a tall chest of drawers, which she has claimed for sleeping. [Did you know cats sleep 18 hours a day?] Next life I'm coming back as a cat. The crash came from my calendar white board and one clipboard falling onto my scanner. All is well, except for those new grey hairs.

#1 on the list of goals for yesterday? 2 pages on current WIP. I wrote 5 to finish the second scene in chapter 5.

#2 goal on list: Clean off my desk was a washout. So was #4: sort laundry for later. Total zilch.

That was yesterday. Saturday.

Today I worked on a website due soon and enjoyed the quiet while everyone went swimming. Hey, it was cooler inside and I got a lot done, including bringing my blood pressure down to within normal. It hasn't been normal since Tuesday. Not that I've checked it, but with grandkids here 24/7, there's no doubt.

I also wrote the last scene for chapter five (6 pages). I am now a chapter ahead of schedule. [Yes, I make and follow a schedule. This is about goals, remember?] I've written 25% of the 9 chapters needed to finish the book. Deadline? September 15. That's like next week, right?

The desk can wait for tomorrow, as can sorting laundry. So here we go with the new list. [Believe me, there are many more things waiting on the list, but these are the must do's.]

  • 3 pages on WIP [that's short for Work In Progress, btw]
  • 2 more website samples
  • Try not to completely lose my mind. Grandkids will return in...6 hours. Just enough time to get some sleep.

Hope everyone's weekend was productive...and fun!

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Cindy Procter-King said...

Gah, your goals make me exhausted! Glad to see you in the blogosphere.