Monday, June 22, 2009

Summertime and the Livin' is...HOT

The official start of summer was yesterday, celebrated by many as Summer Solstice. While we've been dealing with a lot of rain lately in these parts, the forecast shows nothing but 98 and 99 degree days. They don't like to say 100 unless they're sure of it. Guess what? I'm sure of it! Add some sticky humidity and the heat index soars, making moving around at all impossible.

So I'm staying inside today, expect for those brief interruptions when the grandkids escape down the street to play in a small pool at a neighbor's...without supervision. Nana's BP is starting to soar with the heat index. Naps sound good to me. Wish I could take one!

What's on the agenda? Fininishing up one website and putting some final touches on samples for another. After that, I'll be digging into a couple of much-loved characters who never got the story they deserved.

Have a wonderful second day of summer and hope your weather is great.

Take advantage of the new moon today and start something new!

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