Monday, June 29, 2009

The Proposal

To a writer, "The Proposal" sounds like it's something about writing. It isn't.

Chelsea, Mallory and I celebrated the end of 5 days and nights of baby-sitting 3 (and later 4) of my grandkids by going to see The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock (my fave) and Ryan Reynolds. It's been killer at the box office and only slipped to second this week to Transformers, but is still going strong.

As we entered the theater, a man exited and loud enough for us to hear said, "The Proposal. Don't see it. Crummy movie." I laughed. Apparently he had expected a more serious movie. I expected and received exactly what I'd hoped for and more--laughs.

Sandra Bullock plays Margaret Tate, editor extrordinaire and hated by all within the confines of Colden Publishing. She's tough as nails, runs roughshod over everyone, especially her assistant, Andrew Paxton, played by hunky Ryan Reynolds. After quickly firing a fellow editor for not doing what she was able to do, she learns from her big bosses that she's being deported. Her passport had expired when she attended a meeting in a foreign country, and she's a Canadian citizen working in the U.S. No more job.

Using her usual tell-em-what-do attitude, she devises a plan to marry Andrew and keep her job. Andrew isn't pleased, but goes along with what she thinks is a simple scheme by bartering for an editorship.

Cut to panoramic Alaska, where Margaret (no, not Maggie) and Andrew arrive to meet his family (Craig T. Nelson and Mary Steenburgen, parents) and attend "Gammie Annie's" 90th birthday celebration. Betty White does a great job as the wise-cracking grandmother, and the laughs flow like water throughout. We learn there's some tension between Andrew and his father, and there's Andrew's high school sweetheart to add to the mix.

There were only a handful of movie-goers at the 10 p.m. showing, but it was clear everyone enjoyed the movie. My only complaint with this and most romcom (romantic comedies) is that the romance develops suddenly. Hate, hate, despise, then boom! The Proposal did a little better with this than most others. Much better than How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

This movie is a must for my DVD shelf, added to my Sandra Bullock collection. BTW, for those who might be interested, it appears Sandra has been plumping her lips. ;)

If you're looking for a good romcom, this is it for the summer. And look for another from Sandra this fall, followed by a second movie in November. She's been busy!

As for the guy leaving the theater as we entered? Try Transformers.

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